Introduction to Integers

This Introduction to Integers lesson plan also includes:

Welcome to the backward world of negative numbers. This introductory lesson teaches young mathematicians that negative numbers are simply the opposite of positive numbers as they use number lines to plot and compare single-digit integers.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas

  • Have students complete these worksheets as in-class or homework assignments during an introductory lesson on integers
  • Display the example problems for the class and demonstrate how to locate integers on a number line, even taking student volunteers to try it for themselves
  • Use masking tape to create a number line on the floor, having students stand on it to practice plotting integers

  • Worksheets ask student to plot integers and explain in writing their location on the number line
  • Lesson teaches students how to use the greater/less-than symbols when comparing integers
  • Numerous examples are provided that demonstrate how to plot and compare integers
  • Resource includes a brief assessment of students' ability to plot, compare, and order integers

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