Introduction to Nanotechnology Using the Creative Problem-Solving Model

Should we continue to spend money on nanotechnology? Groups engage in a problem-solving unique process around the newly emerging research field of nanotechnology. In order to propose a solution, the groups must research nanotechnology and its benefits and drawbacks. They develop several solutions and determine the best solution to present to the rest of the class.

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Instructional Ideas

  • Have the class prepare short reports about nanotechnology in order to understand what it is
  • Divide the class into groups that have different topics besides nanotechnology and have each group share their discussions with the entire class
Classroom Considerations

  • If this is the first time the class has used the creative problem-solving model, some additional guidance may be needed
  • Provide Internet access in order to allow further research

  • An engaging way to introduce a new topic
  • The resource provides the information needed in order to implement the creative problem-solving model

  • Rubric states that 40 is the maximum point possible; however, there are three attributes each worth 10 points