Investigating the Discriminant

This Investigating the Discriminant lesson plan also includes:

When is finding the discriminant enough? Using the quadratic formula helps find solutions to quadratic equations, but there are times when just using the discriminant is appropriate. Use this algebra II lesson to help classes see the power of the discriminant and understand the quadratic formula on a deeper level.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Classroom Considerations

  • Assumes an understanding of the methods of solving a quadratic equation (factoring, quadratic formula, and square roots)
  • Graphing calculators and highlighters are required
  • Emphasize the correct use of vocabulary (solutions, zeros, roots, and x-intercepts), as this can be confusing for students

  • An inquiry-based lesson that allows students to discover the importance of the discriminant
  • Provides warm-up questions, guided activity handout, and multiple choice exit questions

  • Key to the student handout is not included
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