Is It Bad to Hold Your Pee?

This Is It Bad to Hold Your Pee? video also includes:

How many times should a person pee a day? Is it a bad habit to hold it? What makes us have to go pee? These questions are answered in an informative video about the urinary system, and the importance of urinating at the first sign of having to go.

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Instructional Ideas

  • Flip the lesson and have students view the video and take the quiz outside of class, saving class time for discussion and further research
  • Create a vocabulary worksheet to go along with the video for class members to fill out as they watch
Classroom Considerations

  • Best suited for older learners due to the content, diagrams, and terms used to explain the topic

  • Along with the video, the resource comes with discussion questions, a quiz to check for understanding, and links to research further
  • Graphics and language are engaging and funny

  • None