Isosceles Triangles and Special Line Segments

This Isosceles Triangles and Special Line Segments worksheet also includes:

Under which conditions can a triangle be classified as isosceles? High schoolers practice identifying isosceles triangles and special line segments, including angle bisectors, medians of triangles, and perpendicular bisectors of sides of triangles. After they review the relevant theorems, learners complete six problems and draw a conclusion from their exercise.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas

  • Attach the problems to an assessment or homework assignment
  • Have learners keep the first page in a math binder for reference
  • Divide the class into six groups and assign one problem to each group; project the worksheet onto the board for groups to demonstrate their process
Classroom Considerations

  • Has a specific date and class number at the top of the page, which you might want to remove to avoid confusion

  • Provides space for work
  • Comes with examples, definitions for key terms, and formulas
  • Includes an answer key with handwritten answers

  • None
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