It All Runs Downhill

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Examine how pollution makes its way into an ocean with help from a model watershed. Scholars use household items to recreate a mini-watershed, equipped with pollutants, that when mixed with rain drain into a model's body of water. After making observations and forming conclusions, pupils take part in a grand conversation detailing ways to reduce pollution.   

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Instructional Ideas
  • Visit a local watershed, direct pupils to observe and share their findings 
  • Brainstorm ideas to help decrease pollution, plan time to implement one or more ideas each month 
  • Draw a key on the board to remind learners which pollutants are represented 
Classroom Considerations
  • The activity is well suited for both in-class and at-home completion 
  • Save time and money, ask for supply donations from parents and guardians 
  • Provides pictures to help with model building 
  • Offers three additional activities to extend the learning experience
  • Encourages making healthy choices for the planet  
  • None