It's Been a Wildly Exciting Year!

This It's Been a Wildly Exciting Year! printable & template also includes:

Take time at the end of the year to celebrate the amazing qualities and achievements of your learners with these printable awards. Offering a list of dozens of ways to recognize the individuals in your class, this resource is a great way to reflect on the year and end on a positive note.

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Instructional Ideas

  • Brainstorm as a class the different awards that could be given out
  • Have the class anonymously nominate classmates for each award with the expectation that each student is nominated for at least three awards
  • Similar to film and music award shows, have pairs of students announce the winners who then have the option of delivering shorts acceptance speeches
Classroom Considerations

  • Think carefully about the awards you give out to avoid unexpectedly embarrassing any students

  • These colorful certificates include spaces to fill in the student's name, the award they won, the teacher's name, and the date
  • The list of suggested awards address a wide range of skills and qualities that elementary schoolers may possess
  • Two awards are formatted to fit on a single page, helping to conserve paper

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