Journal Writing Prompts

Curated and Reviewed by Lesson Planet

Inspire thoughtful journal entries with these detailed journal writing prompts. The resource includes 24 prompts that require learners to write expository, persuasive, and sometimes creative journal entires.

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Instructional Ideas
  • Start off each day for a few weeks with a writing prompt to get pupils into journaling
  • Allow for some time to share responses after the writing is complete
  • Pick and choose prompts and pair them with related lessons and units
Classroom Considerations
  • The first slide does include the teachers name and the year the prompts were created, and you cannot edit the resource; however, you don't need to show the first slide, and you could easily transfer the prompts to your own slide show 
  • These prompts still require thought, but allow for less formal writing that can help learners build their abilities
  • Journaling is generally a less stressful environment to help learners write fluidly
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