Kelly's Kindergarten: K Words

This Kelly's Kindergarten: K Words worksheet also includes:

All hail the king! Study the letter K with a worksheet that features six kings flying their flags, on which kids can glue pictures of words that also begin with (or include) the letter K.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas

  • Include in a homework packet for kids to complete with parents
  • Use during a week that focuses on the letter K
  • Bring to a small language arts group
Classroom Considerations

  • Features a picture of a camera in the top corner, which may be confusing when studying the letter K
  • Doesn't include a space for kids to write in the words and visualize spelling

  • Includes pictures for kids to cut out, including some pictures that don't have the correct letter, so that kids can discriminate between the words
  • Cute pictures of kings and other K words are fun for learners of all reading levels

  • None
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