Kennewick Man: Science and Sacred Rights

This Kennewick Man: Science and Sacred Rights lesson plan also includes:

"Have respect for the dead!" Scholars investigate how science and religion often clash. As they look into the laws of science and the laws of religion, the legal ramifications at the federal level of both play into an argument they create about the rights of others—making for a great exercise in conflict resolution!

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas
  • Have the photo of the Tlingit girl enlarged and visible for discussion to open the lesson
  • Split the class into two groups (Science and Religion) and hold a debate
Classroom Considerations
  • Limit group sizes to no more than 3
  • Print materials and have them at each station ready for the groups to begin their research
  • Includes printable primary and secondary documents for classroom use
  • Teachers have access to several resources to print and distribute to the classroom
  • None