Kinds of Nouns

With so many different kinds of nouns, it can be hard for young learners to keep them all straight. Help clarify this important part of speech for your class with this series of worksheets which clearly addresses the difference between common, proper, concrete, abstract, collective, singular, plural, possessive, and compound nouns and their respectice uses in the English language.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas

  • Create a week-long grammar unit on nouns using these worksheets as guided practice, in-class exercises, and homework assignments
  • Complete the Teaching worksheets as teacher-led small group grammar lessons
  • Differentiate grammar instruction by assigning worksheets that meet the needs of individual children

  • This collection of worksheets is broken into a series five lessons, with each lesson containing a TeachingMore Practice, and Application worksheet
  • Worksheets provide direct instruction and offer examples that demonstrate the different kinds of nouns and their uses

  • Answer keys are not provided for any of the grammar worksheets