Labor Markets and Minimum Wage

Can raising the minimum wage lead to unemployment? Young economists watch a rapid-paced video from Crash Course Economics to learn about supply and demand in the labor market and the ways that the minimum wage can both stimulate economic growth and affect unskilled workers.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas

  • Assign the video for homework to flip the classroom, leaving class time for discussion
  • Encourage pupils to write a short journal entry about their opinion on raising the minimum wage before viewing the video, and ask them to reflect on the ways their opinions have or haven't changed after watching
Classroom Considerations

  • Video was created in 2016, so minimum wage discussion reflects information from that time
  • Watch comment section for inappropriate language or heated discussion
  • Part 28 of a 35-video series on economics

  • Discusses both perspectives of the minimum wage discussion
  • Real-world examples help to connect complex concepts to learners' lives

  • None