Language Arts Activity - Cloze

Using context clues is an important skill when mastering reading comprehension. A cloze activity prompts learners to read each sentence in a short passage and fill in the blanks, based on what the rest of the sentence says.

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Instructional Ideas

  • Add to a reading assessment when finding the correct reading level for each learner
  • Include in a homework packet for the week
  • Have kids write their own stories with certain words left out, and see if their peers can complete the activity
  • Introduce the worksheet with a fun activity featuring Mad Libs
Classroom Considerations

  • Does not include a word bank, which will make the activity more challenging for learners, but may give you a more accurate idea of reading level
  • May be difficult to assess, given the range of possibilities for each blank space; consider creating a rubric or general answer key to help you properly assess each passage

  • A strong way to ensure that kids are using context clues to define unfamiliar words or to understand what they are reading
  • Automatically differentiates between reading levels by offering opportunities for basic or advanced vocabulary within each sentence

  • None