Latino Americans Share Their Experiences

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Three Latino Americans are the focus of an interactive that spotlights their accomplishments. Scholars get to know Lin-Manuel Miranda, Judy Reyes, and José Hernández through short informative text and videos. Participants read, take notes, then show what they know with a final assessment in the form of an essay. 

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CCSS: Designed
Instructional Ideas
  • Add to the group of individuals—gather materials that showcase Latino Americans, display work, and offer time for class members to browse it when time permits 
  • Introduce Hispanic Heritage Month with the lesson to gain focus and interest
  • Assign the interactive during ELA center rotations, send a small group with their digital devices to start the lesson, work that is incomplete can be continued at home or the follow ELA period 
Classroom Considerations
  • A free account for both teacher and pupils is required to access the lesson
  • The final essay can be typed on multiple platforms 
  •  Hispanic Heritage Month takes place between September 15 and October 15
  • Encourages viewers to follow their dreams 
  • Comes with a simple rubric 
  • Videos provide subtitles  
  • None