Latitude and Longitude with Google Earth

This Latitude and Longitude with Google Earth handout & reference also includes:

Travel the world from the comfort of your classroom with a lesson that features Google Earth. High schoolers follow a series of steps to locate places all over the earth with sets of coordinates. Additionally, they measure the distance between different decimal degrees and answer questions about what they find on the map.

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Instructional Ideas

  • Design a cross-curricular lesson between math, geography, and science
  • Use as a class project or individual assignment
  • Bring the activity to an assessment in a computer lab
Classroom Considerations

  • Requires access to the Internet and Google Earth, as well as computers or tablets for each learner
  • Individuals should have some experience with Google Earth prior to the lesson; refer to page 11 for a link to a skill-building activity for practice
  • Lesson details specific settings for Google Earth for the best possible results

  • Promotes both technological skills and geographical knowledge
  • Worksheet and instructions provide thorough guidance
  • Includes screenshots of procedures and examples

  • Does not include an answer key