Law of Conservation of Matter

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Does mass change during a chemical reaction? Demonstrate the Law of Conservation of Matter while encouraging class members to be creative with a two-part lesson. First, learners use Alka-Seltzer® tablets and water to demonstrate the principle. Then, they design their own experiments to carry the demonstration one step further.   

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Instructional Ideas

  • Allow the class to research other methods for demonstrating the Law of Conservation of Matter and have them demonstrate it to their peers
  • Provide a show-and-tell session with younger grades and have pupils play the part of scientists to demonstrate the Law of Conservation of Matter, including demonstration of their designed experiments
Classroom Considerations

  • Ensure safety goggles and aprons are worn at all times
  • Completely seal the bag during the first experiment to prevent chemicals from escaping

  • Two-step experiment is easy to break up over a couple class periods
  • Initiates creativity in individuals after performing the first experiment and designing their own method to demonstrate the concept—thus sparking higher order thinking

  • None