Learn About Religions

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Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, Judaism, Taoism. The major religions of the world are the focus of a resource that uses flashcard decks to engage users in a study of the principles and practices of these belief systems.

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App Overview

Getting Started:

  1. Select one of the six listed religions to access its deck of flashcards
  2. The Study Deck gives a description of the religion and offers three options
  3. User can Start Studying, view the topics in the Card List, or Browse Cards
  4. After selecting a religion, tap Start Studying to access a question
  5. Tap Here to flip the flashcard and see the answer
  6. Users are then asked to rate how well they knew this answer (1 for “Not at all” and 5 for “Perfectly”)
  7. Color-coded scores are recorded on a bar for each religion and on a home screen for an overall score
  8. Done ends the session and returns users to the home screen 


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Instructional Ideas

  • After a brief introduction, ask groups to research one of the religions, create a study center, and present their findings to the whole class
  • Have expert groups create a matrix to compare key beliefs and concepts among the religions
Classroom Considerations

  • Great for developing independent study and self-assessment skills
  • The decks for each religion must be purchased separately

  • Great for developing independent study and self-assessment skills
  • Contains a wealth of information
  • Easy to navigate



  • Although the introductory exercises are free, specific decks are only available as in-app purchases
  • No provisions to do point-by-point comparisons
  • Lack of images and illustrations