Learning about Space Weather

This Learning about Space Weather lesson plan also includes:

Is the sun the only celestial body with magnetic fields? A guided discussion on the weather in space is designed with a mix of questions, discussions, explanations, and applications. Additionally, the resouce includes an article for pupils to read and write about what they have learned as a homework assignment. 

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas

  • As a class discussion, ask the questions and then use a random number generator to call on someone to answer so everyone has a chance to answer
Classroom Considerations

  • Prior knowledge required include magnetic field lines, magnetic field strength, properties and nature of a star, parts of an atom, properties of hydrogen, states of matter, gravity, fusion reactions, plasma, and parts of the sun
  • The discussion is the seventh installment in an 18-part series

  • Includes step-by-step guided discussion
  • Provides an article and homework assignment

  • No associated activity
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