Learning and Memory

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Why is it that you can remember your childhood best friend's phone number, but not what you had for dinner last night? It is all in how memories are stored, in either short term memory or long term memory. In part five of six lessons about the brain, Dr. David Eagleman examines plasticity and memory as functions of the brain. Learn about the physical changes that occur when a memory is formed, which brain regions are responsible for different memories, how to recall information, the importance of connecting to prior knowledge, learning disabilities, and how scientists have discovered these facts. Because so many topics are covered, it might be helpful to break the video into smaller clips when addressing these concepts in class.

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  • Covers several topics about the brain's capabilities surrounding memory and learning
  • Interesting information and engaging speaker

  • More visuals within the video would make the information more concrete
  • A lot of different topics addressed, ironically making it difficult to remember everything covered