Learning Something New: How Does It Feel?

This Learning Something New: How Does It Feel? lesson plan also includes:

Use song and dance to help your youngsters identify their feelings and embrace learning. Starting with a brainstorming activity, class members talk about learning new things and how this made them feel. After listing to the song, and dancing along, write your own class verse with the brainstormed words and feelings. Learners illustrate and share their feelings.

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Instructional Ideas

  • Great for the start of the school year, this can be the starting activity for talking more about learning and working on dealing with frustration while learning
Classroom Considerations

  • It's unclear from the plan procedures whether individuals write their own verses or if you compose several as a class; choose what works best for your learners

  • See the materials tab for the song; child-friendly audio recording and lyrics are both included
  • Combines discussion, movement, song, and art in order to encourage kids to accept their emotions

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