Less Than Zero

Perry the penguin wants to buy a new scooter, but he doesn't have any funds! Walk your kids through the short book Less Than Zero, and have them track his borrowing, spending, and saving on a line graph while you read. Pupils will learn about interest, savings goals, and more.

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CCSS: Designed
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Instructional Ideas

  • Use this in a unit on money or borrowing
  • Have kids track their own saving and spending on a personal graph that they share from time to time; you may wish to do this with class money if you have that type of system in place
Classroom Considerations

  • You will need to borrow or buy a copy of Less Than Zero by Stuart J. Murphy
  • The included presentations are meant for interactive whiteboards; if you don't have one, these are not essential to the lesson

  • Comes with the graphing page and suggested assessments
  • Cross-curricular plan combines language arts with math and economics concepts
  • Effectively uses the book to teach math concepts and practice graphing
  • Answers are paired with the questions written in the lesson plan

  • None