Lesson 10 - Compound Words

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New Review

Individually, words have power, but when added together, they can take on a whole other level of meaning. Readers learn about compound words in the 10th of 17 lessons of the Word Recognition and Fluency series. A script provides guidance as teachers introduce the multi-syllabic words and fun activities, such as a volleyball compound game and compound word math, give learners a chance to practice the skill.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas

  • Make silly compound words, such as dogcat or sunshirt and draw pictures to describe what they mean
  • Give writers a list of three to four compound words and have them try to write sentences that use all of the words
Classroom Considerations

  • One activity requires an inflatable ball

  • References previous skills when introducing the new one
  • Breaks down a concept into smaller parts to scaffold learning

  • None
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