Lessons from Auschwitz: The Power of Our Words

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Some words are best left unspoken.  Words matter, according to Benjamin Zander, conductor, teacher, and lecturer. To illustrate his point, Zander recounts a story told to him by a survivor of Auschwitz. As a result of her experience this woman vowed, "I will never say anything that couldn’t stand as the last thing I ever say." After watching the short video, participants are asked to reflect and then share their thoughts on the question, "How do we live in such a way that we are least likely to say things that we will later regret?"

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  • Although brief and stark, the video will engage viewers in the discussion
  • The prompt encourages viewers to make personal connections to the situation
  • Although the title would indicate that the video could be used in connection with a study of the Holocaust, the tangential nature of the prompt would better serve as personal response journal or writing prompt