Let's Fly!

Engineers think up multiple solutions to the problems they face, but how do they find the best solution? In this video, examine the process engineers take to discover the most appropriate choice to solve problems, and revisit the hypothetical situation from previous videos of crossing a large canyon using the materials you already have.  

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Instructional Ideas

  • Flip your classroom; assign the video to be watched at home prior to the day the subject is discussed in class
  • Visit the school library, or schedule time on mobile learning devices, to research information about famous engineers
Classroom Considerations

  • The sixth in a series of 17 videos that focuses on engineering; to view more, click the links at the end of the video 

  • Engagement is enhanced through colorful graphics, cartoon images, sound effects, and kid-friendly jokes 
  • Concepts are reviewed from the previous videos 
  • Designed for Next Generation Science Standards

  • The host speaks quickly which may make taking notes or answering questions a challenge