Light and the Electromagnetic Spectrum

This Light and the Electromagnetic Spectrum lesson plan also includes:

Lead your class in a fun-filled team activity that encourages collaboration while learning important concepts. Pupils actively participate in a discussion on the experimental design and the role of mirrors. They perform group activities to test wavelength, frequency, and amplitude through the completion of multiple trials designed for each group. They conclude with an in-depth discussion on the electromagnetic spectrum. 

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Instructional Ideas

  • Research the electromagnetic spectrum and discuss how this relates to the human eye and vision
  • Have students bring in various mirrors to discuss differences in reflections; it may help to show videos of mirrors used in carnival fun houses as a tool to differentiate reflections
Classroom Considerations

  • Ensure mirrors are handled carefully so they do not break and cause injury

  • Teams allow collaboration while encouraging each student to participate and feel comfortable 
  • Ability to perform multiple trials ensures each team successfully completes all activities with a full understanding of the materials presented 

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