Like and Likes–Rockin' English (I Like Bass and Drums)

A good beat, appealing graphics, and informative lyrics make up a video demonstrating when to use the words like or likes. 

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas

  • Give the link to pupils so they can sing the song while at home
  • Take a brain break with the song to continue the learning process while pausing from the current instruction 
  • Invite learners to write sentences using like and likes, and sing their own verses
Classroom Considerations

  • Pronouns and present tense verbs may need reviewing depending on the level of proficiency in your classroom 

  • Lyrics are made available when you choose the more details tab under the video 
  • The song mimics today's popular music

  • Although the words are nicely modeled in sentences, no explicit explanations are included
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