Linear Relationships

There's just something special about lines in algebra. Introduce your classes to linear equations by analyzing the linear relationship. Young mathematicians use input/output pairs to determine the slope and the slope-intercept formula to determine the y-intercept. 

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas

  • Use the provided examples to create a presentation that develops the idea of a linear function
  • Use the practice problem set as board work to allow for quick checks of understanding
Classroom Considerations

  • Learners may not understand why some examples are not linear; create input/output tables and analyze the patterns to help clarify
  • The fourth in a 20-part series

  • Emphasizes the vocabulary related to linear relationships
  • Shows how to find slope conceptually by analyzing the pattern in the table

  • When writing linear equations from a table, the resource does not give an example of a set of data that is nonlinear, which may lead pupils to believe all data will be linear
  • Introduces the linear equation y = mx + b right away; does not give learners an opportunity to discover linear patterns in the data
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