Long Division with Whole Numbers

This Long Division with Whole Numbers worksheet also includes:

Learning long division can be an difficult journey for young mathematicians, but this simple skills practice worksheet will help them on their way to fluency.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas

  • Offer this worksheet an in-class and/or homework assignment during a lesson on long division in the upper-elementary grade levels
  • Use this resource as a formative assessment during a pre-algebra unit on long division
  • Allow children to solve the problems on pieces of grid paper, helping them to correctly line up their work

  • Worksheet includes 10 long division questions involving - and 2-digit divisors and no remainders
  • Ample space is provided for showing solutions to each problem
  • An answer key is included with the worksheet

  • Worksheet does not include any supporting instruction or example problems that model the long division algorithm