Long Division Worksheets

This Long Division Worksheets worksheet also includes:

They say practice makes perfect. If that's the case then these worksheets will have young mathematicians perfectly solving long division problems in no time.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas

  • Use these worksheets as in-class and/or homework assignments during pre-algebra lessons on long division
  • Differentiate the exercise by assigning specific problems that meet the individual learning needs of students
Classroom Considerations

  • Sheets of lined or grid paper will need to be given to students, as the worksheets do not provide enough space to solve the problems

  • Resource includes two worksheets, each with 35 long division questions
  • Worksheets involve division by 1- and 2-digit divisors without remainders
  • Answer keys are provided for each worksheet

  • Worksheets offer no supporting instruction or example problems that model how to perform long division