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Looking Inside Planets

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Researchers use scientific data to understand what is inside each of the planets. The first in a series of six, this lesson builds off of that concept by having pupils use a data table to create their own scale models of the interiors of the planets. After dividing into groups, scholars use art supplies to create their models and then compare with other groups to better understand the similarities and differences between the inner and outer planets.

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CCSS: Adaptable
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Instructional Ideas
  • Show a model of the solar system and explain how the model is not actually built to scale
  • Team teach with a math teacher who is working on scale and similarity
Classroom Considerations
  • Uses materials such as cotton balls, bubble wrap, aluminum foil, and sandpaper in addition to a compass (mathematical, not directional)
  • Incorporates movement and hands-on exploration to bring in multiple learning styles
  • Offers ideas for discussion topics to summarize the lesson
  • Some included information is outdated, such as Pluto being a planet and not mentioning any of the other dwarf planets
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