Looking Into Lactase: Structured Inquiry

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Why is lactase important? Biology scholars explore enzyme function in a structured inquiry lab. The activity tasks lab groups with observing how temperature and pH affect enzyme activity, as well as determining which milk products contain lactose or another type of sugar. Groups then determine if the experimental drug they are testing will help lactose intolerant individuals enjoy warm and cold milk-based products.

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CCSS: Designed
NGSS: Designed
Instructional Ideas

  • Ask the class if they, or someone they know, are lactose intolerant; have individuals share if they feel comfortable
  • Extend the lesson by having groups research the other sugars present in the products they test, such as sucrose, to see how the body breaks them down
Classroom Considerations

  • Consider using this structured inquiry lab if your class is not yet ready for a guided inquiry challenge


  • The scenario in the activity places pupils in a research scientist role, which helps guide their investigation processes
  • Teacher's guide contains helpful materials for groups to plan their experiments and keep data organized

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