Low Mass Stars

What happens when stars run out of fuel? Pupils learn the incredible sequence of events that occur as a star nears its end. The video compares and contrasts the events in low- and high-mass stars, detailing the cycle of fusion, energy release, and expansion. The narrator also explains the lifespan of stars of different masses.

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Instructional Ideas

  • Show the video as a follow-up to a lesson about stars
  • Provide the class with examples of stars of different masses and ages, including our own sun
Classroom Considerations

  • To prevent misconceptions ensure cass members understand that our sun will be around for a long time to come 
  • Prior knowledge of the process of fusion would be helpful in viewing the video

  • Neatly summarizes complicated aspects of the decline of stars for a wide range of learning levels
  • Illustrations help to convey the fusion process that takes place in both healthy and dying stars

  • None