Make Hooting Owls with Your Class!

This Make Hooting Owls with Your Class! activity & project also includes:

Kids create their own hooting owls using the template provided and art supplies. Pair the activity with the book, 10 Hooting Owls as suggested here, or on its own as part of a unit on owls or nocturnal animals. 

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Instructional Ideas

  • Create a "classroom nest" bulletin board with all of the finished owls
  • If you are pairing the activity with the book, 10 Hooting Owls, consider asking kids to have their owl doing something like in the book (i.e. knitting socks)
Classroom Considerations

  • Younger kids will have a harder time cutting out the shapes. Consider having a parent volunteer cut them out ahead of time and put into an envelope for each learner. 

  • Template is simple for youngsters to figure out
  • Options to personalize each owl are endless— bring out the art supplies and have a blast! 

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