Making an Issue-Based Video

This Making an Issue-Based Video unit also includes:

Encourage class members to become engaged citizens by researching an issue they are passionate about and then producing a video to present to policymakers, the public, and their peers. Everything needed for the unit is contained in the richly detailed packet.

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Instructional Ideas

  • Save copies of videos from year-to-year to use as models
Classroom Considerations

  • Exercise caution when filming. If a student is portrayed in the video, be sure you have complied with the Children's Online Privacy Protection Rule (COPPA)

  • The 39-page packet includes and overview of the unit, four lessons, templates for the various handouts and worksheets, step-by-step directions, images, job descriptions and responsibility lists for the group members, timelines, a vocabulary list, links to related resources, and rubrics

  • Does not include links to a model issue-based video