Making My Swimming Pool

If you'd always wanted an expensive swimming pool, how would you make the money to build it? Kids read a short passage about a quest to create a dream swimming pool, and use a list of words to fill in eight spaces throughout the reading.

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Instructional Ideas

  • A good addition to a reading assessment for incoming learners when assessing reading level
  • Have kids complete the worksheet as a warm-up, using the provided words as the week's vocabulary words
  • Prompt learners to create a new sentence or short story out of the words in the word bank
Classroom Considerations

  • Some of the worksheet is in color, but would still be understandable if printed in black and white

  • Prompts kids to use context clues when completing the activity
  • Activity is on page, making it easy to print or copy

  • Contains some questionable vocabulary in context, particularly the use of spacey to indicate an area that has a lot of space
  • Activity is simplistic and doesn't address deeper comprehension skills