M&M’s Math Worksheet

Who knew you could cover prediction, histograms, fractions, decimals, data collection, and averages (mean, median, and mode) all with a bag of M&M's®? Here's a fantastic set of worksheets to help you make candy a mathematical journey with your learners, who will undoubtedly feel motivated to move through these activities and eat their M&M's®! Groups predict colors, graph the results, create fractions based on colors (then convert to decimals), collect results from other groups to graph, and find the average number of each color among all groups. 

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Instructional Ideas
  • If you come up with statistically significant differences in the average number of a certain color, have learners write a creative story about why that is the case ("A bee bumped the blue food dye and it infiltrated the entire batch!")
Classroom Considerations
  • If completing this in small groups, be sure to explain the rules for splitting up the candies afterward, as well as when kids can eat them
  • Clear and precise worksheets
  • All you need are the M&M's®
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