Manifest Destiny and the Lewis and Clark Expedition

This Manifest Destiny and the Lewis and Clark Expedition lesson plan also includes:

Beginning with a thorough presentation on the concept of Manifest Destiny and background information on the Louisiana Purchase, your young historians will then consider the demands of the Lewis and Clark expedition and compose journal entries from their perspectives. They will also learn about the contributions of Sacagawea and consider the overall effect of the expedition on Native Americans.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas
  • As an alternative to the group song activity and after analyzing several images in the presentation, have learners design their own drawing representing the historical characters and events they have just learned about
Classroom Considerations
  • Presentation is included as a PDF and can be projected, or you can also request a PowerPoint version by e-mailing the address listed in the resource
  • Excellent instructional guidelines provided on how to present a PowerPoint with questions and discussion points
  • Presentation is not too text-heavy and incorporates several paintings/images
  • None