Manned Mission to Mars

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To go or to not to go — the question for a mission to Mars. This resource provides details for a possible manned mission to Mars. Details include a launch schedule, what life would be like on the surface, and how the astronauts would return. The information looks at the risks that are involved in such a mission. 

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Instructional Ideas
  • Allow the class to research the current plan to put man on Mars and have them compare it to past plans
  • Create an art gallery of artists' conceptions of different aspects of a manned mission to Mars
Classroom Considerations
  • Timelines and procedures for a manned mission to Mars may have changed since 2004
  • The 12th installment in a 13-part series
  • The lesson plan provides a list of learning objectives 
  • The summary assessment suggestion involves a debate where the class will have to do more research about the benefits of space travel and exploration
  • The plan does not provide clear directions for teachers