Manners and Etiquette

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Learning how to speak Spanish is incomplete if you're not speaking politely! Teach class members the basics of Spanish manners, including perdón, lo siento, and salud to reinforce their conversational etiquette.

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Instructional Ideas

  • Assign for homework the night before discussing manners in Spanish class the next day
  • Have class members create their own conversational skits based on the vocabulary they know up to this point
Classroom Considerations

  • Requires access to the Internet, as well as audio equipment or headphones to hear pronunciation
  • Part of a larger unit on basic Spanish vocabulary and conversational skills
  • Includes permiso as a pardon phrase rather than con permiso; let learners know about the regional differences in dialect

  • Allows learners to immediately check their newfound knowledge with quick assessments
  • Pupils can click for audio pronunciations or hover for English translations

  • None