Mardi Gras

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This Mardi Gras writing also includes:

Take a trip to Mardi Gras with a festive reading packet! After class members read an informational article about the history and celebration of Mardi Gras, they think about the structure of the passage by unscrambling words, filling in the blanks, putting statements in order, and writing their own questions.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas
  • Put the activities together in a packet, and have class members work on the items throughout the week
  • After reading the text as a class or with a partner, split your class into small groups and have them rotate through each activity
  • Provide baskets of Post-It notes and highlighters for learners to annotate what they read
Classroom Considerations
  • Be aware that the resource addresses both the Catholic context of the holiday, as well as the celebration in the gay and lesbian communities
  • Format for the fill-in-the-blank section might be confusing for some learners
  • Reading passage is a tapescript, but the recording is not available; you can read it to your class or have them read it out loud
  • Provides learning extensions that address vocabulary and research skills
  • Encourages learners to create magazine articles and Mardi Gras posters
  • Comes with a table of content to help you organize your packet
  • Some of the wording in the text may be confusing to English learners or struggling readers