Lesson Plan

Massive Migrations

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Turn your learners into flocks of migratory birds for this fun lesson on animal migration. Prior to the activity, the teacher creates four different migration routes in the classroom or any available open space, labeling nesting areasnon-nesting areas, and stopover locations along each course. Children then travel the paths in small groups, stopping to perform specific tasks at each destination on their migratory journey. Following the simulation, learners research specific birds, mapping their migration routes and writing descriptions their annual trips. A great activity that provides a glimpse into the lives of migratory animals, making it an engaging supplement to an elementary life science unit.

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CCSS: Adaptable
NGSS: Adaptable
  • Provides a list of children's books that allow for interdisciplinary connections between science and language arts
  • Includes links to audio recordings of bird calls and webcams featuring migratory birds to create a multimedia learning experience 
  • Requires significant preparation on the part of the teacher
  • Teacher must create directions for the activities performed at each location along the migration routes