Mastering the Present Perfect Tense

This Mastering the Present Perfect Tense handout & reference also includes:

You have found a solid resource for covering the present perfect tense. Starting with explanation and examples, this resource moves quickly into a series of exercises that target specific elements of the present perfect tense. Scroll to the end to find present perfect tense FAQs and answer keys.

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Instructional Ideas

  • Use the exercises provided here as quick homework assignments or warm-ups
  • Print out the explanations in order to create reference pages for your learners to use when reading, speaking, and writing
Classroom Considerations

  • Since the exercises are mostly fill-in-the-blank style, you'll likely want to pair them with speaking and writing exercises where students must come up with original sentences

  • Included here are ten exercises to support your instruction, each with a matching answer key
  • The resource includes a link to additional exercises (see the materials)

  • None