Mathematical Treasure Hunt

This Mathematical Treasure Hunt activity & project also includes:

The hunt is on! Young mathematicians follow clues and complete a series of ten math puzzles as they try to crack Dr. Integer's code and find the location of his hidden treasure.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas

  • Perform this activity near the end of the school year, providing students an opportunity to apply all they've learned
  • Use heterogeneous grouping to allow all teams an equal opportunity for success
  • Supplement math puzzles that fit the abilities of your own class
Classroom Considerations

  • This activity involves allowing the students to move around the school unsupervised, be sure to provide students with clear expectations for their behavior and stern consequences for any misbehaving

  • Two sets of materials are included, one for upper elementary and one for middle school students
  • Blank clue cards are provided, allowing teachers to adapt the activity to their own school environment
  • Printable copies of Pascal's Triangle and a 100s Chart are included to support children with solving the puzzles

  • None