Mathematics Vocabulary Cards - Kindergarten

This Mathematics Vocabulary Cards - Kindergarten printable & template also includes:

Enhance your math lesson with a series of pictures that illustrate different math concepts. The vocabulary includes a variety of ideas and pictures including fractions, ordinal numbers, picture graphs, and number lines.

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Instructional Ideas

  • Perfect for a math center, or as auxiliary materials for each concept as it comes up in your math lessons
  • Use as decoration in your classroom
  • Have kids illustrate their own versions of each concept
Classroom Considerations

  • Best if printed in color
  • Contains 37 pages of images, but you can choose the concepts that are most relevant to your curriculum
  • Resource is designed for kindergarten, but could be useful for any math class (including middle and high school), as well as classes with English language learners

  • Illustrations are clear and easy to understand
  • Comes with an editable version (attached)
  • Includes a table of contents on page one, making navigation easy

  • None