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Mayan Mathematics and Architecture

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Take young scholars on a trip through history with this unit on the mathematics and architecture of the Mayan civilization. Starting with a introduction to their base twenty number system and the symbols they used, this eight-lesson unit goes on to compare the mathematics of other ancient cultures, before investigating the unique architecture of these native Central Americans.

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CCSS: Adaptable
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Instructional Ideas
  • Include this unit in a social studies unit on early American civilizations
  • Teach this lesson near the beginning of the school year, reinforcing young mathematicians' understanding of place value
  • Allow students the option of completing the architecture activities independently or in small groups
  • In small groups, ask students to research different ancient number systems, having them present their findings to the class using visual displays
  • Offers extension activities that further engage students in learning about the Mayan number system
  • Answer keys are included for each of the worksheets
  • A list of books on Mayan architecture is provided to support learners with their projects
  • Provides students with a list of options to choose from when creating their replicas of Mayan ruins
  • Describes a collaborative project to use as an end of unit assessment 
  • None