Measurement Mystery

Turn a nighttime toe stubbing into an informative discussion about the properties of matter. An intriguing physical science video encourages learners to use their knowledge of matter and mass to identify a mystery object based on its shape, weight, and measurements.

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Instructional Ideas

  • Encourage learners to watch the video at home or in a computer lab before coming to class to discuss what they have learned
  • Blindfold young scientists and have them feel a classroom object, letting them guess what the object could be based on its size and weight (vary the objects to make the activity trickier!)
  • Use the video to introduce your upcoming experiment about mass and matter
Classroom Considerations

  • Begins with a 30 second advertisement that you can't skip

  • Uses an applicable real-world example to explain a complex idea from physical science
  • Host is funny and engaging

  • None