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Meet Your Brain

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When learning about the brain, there are so many questions:

  • Why is the brain wrinkly?
  • What are the main regions of the brain?
  • Do different parts of the brain do different things?
  • How are children's brains and adult brains different?

Get the answers to these questions and more as Dr. David Eagleman provides an introduction to the brain and some of its functions. Learn why car insurance companies charge more for people under the age of 25, why the brain is referred to as the mission control center of the body, how the brain interprets input for a multi-sensory experience, and more. 

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  • Great introduction into how the brain works and why it is important
  • Explanations are easy to understand
  • Part of a more comprehensive unit
  • Does not have a lot of graphics (video is simply the doctor talking about the brain and its functions)