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Memory Items

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Ready to have an "unforgettable" time in science class? Try a fun and insightful activity, suitable for a wide age group of learners. Explore how human memory works when pupils try to remember objects they've seen before comparing the results to how many objects they remember once they touch and discuss them. The guide contains tips for execution, extension, and printables.

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Instructional Ideas
  • Try introducing all new items into the Touch-and-Talk activity to further control the data
  • Plan works well for large and small groups, depending upon how many trays you want to prepare
Classroom Considerations
  • Keep in mind the age of students when selecting items for the trays
  • A great find, the lab works for pupils in a variety of age groups and ability levels
  • The step-by-step guide provides everything needed
  • The lesson's content is engaging, and teachers can assess learning in multiple ways
  • None