Mercantilists and the Midas Touch

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What is the connection between greed and mercantilism? Historians consider this question by analyzing a fairy-tale like story about King Midas from the nineteenth century. The background information and excerpt help pupils understand the economics behind the historical concept. 

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas
  • Ask students what other stories from literature or pop culture illustrate the concept of mercantilism
  • Extend the conversation by asking small groups to create a graphic organizer to show mercantilism's connection to the Columbian Exchange
Classroom Considerations
  • 22nd of 23 lessons from Council on Economic Education covering middle school world history
  • Readings presume class already understands colonialism
  • Background information and questions make the lesson plan ready to use
  • Readings break down sophisticated concepts for students of all levels
  • None
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