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Here is resource that offers a great, organized approach to your unit on Mesopotamia and early civilizations! As learners study the topics in the unit, such as the Fertile Crescent, ancient Sumeria, the Assyrian and Persian Empires, and Hammurabi's Code, they will be preparing a cumulative writing assessment that draws on the knowledge they have gained.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas

  • Use worksheets to supplement your own lectures or textbooks readings, or have learners build their research skills by searching the Internet to find answers
Classroom Considerations

  • If you decide not to use the entire unit, you can choose individual worksheets that suit your unique curriculum needs

  • Nice variety of worksheet types, such as cause-and-effect, fill-in-the-blank, map skills, creative writing, and timeline analysis

  • No answer keys included
  • Teacher must prepare lectures, readings, and other instructional content